Here are some excerps from John's upcoming book

So I’m sitting in this courtroom getting the living daylights scared out of me because they’re talking about 25 to life…for a crime I knew I didn’t do. In no time at all I was back in that court getting the literal shit scared out of me. They were talking about the Death Penalty. I instantly started Prairie Doggin. When I saw my name on that document right there in that court room, I was fixin to shit myself if this bailiff didn’t notice me waiving my hands in the air. Yea, an absolute shame getting the shit scared out of you.

Two days later, they rescinded their Death threat, to say they’ll be satisfied with LIFE WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE. Now I’m sitting here one month till trial, for a murder I did not do, let me express, I didn’t fucking kill this person.

It didn’t take long before I’d located a decent car for a reasonable price and ended up with a six year old BMW for just over a thousand bucks. The test to get a German driver’s license was out of this world. There must be 300 different signs for the European roads and highways and 60% of the test was on signs alone. After an hour and a half, I passed the test and was given a license.

The car I bought was small but fast as any I’d ever driven. I couldn’t wait to get on the Autobahn. Man, driving that fast kinda makes you nervous, and trust me; I had to see just how fast this car would go. I opened it up into fifth gear and topped out at a two hundred and seventy three kilometers per hour, which comes to a hundred and seventy miles an hour, and even though the highways sloped to allow better traction, the off ramps passed with the blink of an eye.

Topped out and in the fast lane, I was still passed as if I were at a dead stop by a Mercedes. It didn’t take long to lose the desire for fast driving, was difficult getting off the freeway from such top speeds.

When this man pulled out his wallet I thought we hit pay dirt, but instead were introduced to his badge, “BUSTED”. But this man was real polite. He was a cop that was polite. “You kids need to take that outta here, I’m not on duty, but this park is full of cops”. We immediately made a bee-line for the car.

I was tripping, I thought for sure we were going to Jail, but instead we caught a break, so we left. No sooner than we got out of the park three bikers were walking by us into the park. Buddy quickly asked them, “hey bro, wanna trade some weed for some pills?” The one guy, was a huge tatted down biker with his scruffy old beard says, “Sure, whatta ya got?”

Buddy told him he had some Beauties and since we were right next to the car already, he opened the car door to show him. Man, it was like a circus instantly with cars coming from all directions and people running towards us from everywhere, while these three bikers flipped the necklace shields from beneath their shirts.

I figure this was all a joke, over a few pills, it made no sense. Then I heard a helicopter and sirens from all directions. Man, I thought of what was in Buddy’s car or whoever’s car and instantly started to sweat. I didn’t get a word in before I was placed under arrest......

I just half slumped, lost in my fear. What the fuck do these people have in store for me? The desk cop just looked at me, to be sure I was cuffed to an iron hook into the gigantic wooden bench, then turned and left the room.

Not 2 minutes later a different cop came in asking me “Are you ready?” I said “As I’ll ever be.” He came around the desk and unlocked my cuff and then went back around the desk, reached under the counter as if to grab something and then there was a “buzzing” sound. He said “There’s the door, grab it when the buzzing starts.” and again he buzzed the door. I turned the knob and pulled. Not even looking over my shoulder, I just passed through the doorway and the spring-hinged door slammed shut behind me.

Something was terribly wrong. I was in the lobby of the police station and the door to the streets was 10 feet away. One tenth of a second after that I was out the door that led to the street. I don’t think that second set of spring-hinged doors fully closed before I was two blocks away heading into a Jack in the Box restaurant. I saw a pay phone by the restrooms, so I called mom.